The Relationship between Gamification and Casinos

If you have had to deal with a toddler, you probably had to get your hands dirty simply because they would not listen. This has ushered many frustrated parents to find refuge in bribery by promising them their favourite candy; however, the trusted and tried way of coaxing them is to engage them in a game that boosts stimulation and motivation.

The truth is that not only are toddlers captivated by games; instead, it has been an inevitable part of everyone’s life, which has perforated into every stage of life; your age does not matter anymore.

The snowballing of the online gaming industry with immersive and stimulating content has realised the potential this burgeoning industry holds. This ingenious effortless technique is termed gamification, with the term coined in 2010. These innovative game techniques have crept into online casinos engendering the gamification of slots and other casino games.

Gamification and Casinos

What is Gamification?

Gamification of a casino means the presence of an overarching narrative in your gaming experience. This experience might differ from being an explorer unearthing hidden treasure, rescuing a princess, or venturing into the outer space.

You might have undergone this experience at an online slot; however, with the accolades showered on the online gaming and gambling industry, these lines between the two seem hazy.

This process hits the pleasure centre resulting in dopamine release, thereby furnishing gameplay that is thrilling and lucrative. The various gamification techniques deployed by casinos include leader boards, loyalty points, goals, adventures, and missions.

These blends, when merged with sophisticated game design, ushers a riveting experience where the gambler is engrossed. This has enkindled un-gamified casinos to remnants of the past.

Gamified Slots

The contemporary slots have traversed a long way from their traditional counterparts, with the zest of that adrenaline rush making your wait all the more exciting. If you have a penchant for interactive gameplay, this new wave of the authentic gaming experience is a reason for celebration.

This has caused slot developers to utilise techniques like visual rewards. For instance, a coin shower followed by jazzy music when a player has actualised their fancy of winning the jackpot; levelling up that includes various levels and items to gather; mascots and avatars; finally, mini-games the most revolutionary idea that confers a divergent gaming experience within the slot, like spin the wheel or pick me bonus features.


The Way Ahead

The amalgamation of ideas in both these industries is a revolutionary one that will engender augmented gamification of casinos in the future. With the snowballing of VR, a virtual trip through themed casinos has materialized – transcending their magical spell on another tangent.

With the blend of classic narrative furnished at online slots coupled with that adrenaline rush as you chase down the bad guys drifting through a virtual wild west saloon can bestow a lifetime experience.


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