Five Interesting Facts about Casino Gambling

If you’re reading this article, then you’re one of those casino loves who want to find out more about the activity you love, or you’re a fan of the online casinos, that has landed you on our page.

Whatever the case maybe, you’re in the right stop because we’re going to discuss the five intersecting facts about casino gambling, you probably might not have heard before. Let’s dig in!

The longest poker game was played for over 8 years

All of us know that, to ace the game of poker, the right amount of skill, and luck is essential. Adding to these skills and aspects, endurance and patience so play equally important role in winning at the poker table. In the modern world, a poker match or tournament can last for a couple of hours, days or even a month.

However, this is nothing compared to the world poker endurance record that lasted straight for over eight years. This took place in the year 1881 at the Arizona theater basement where the tournament lasted exactly eight years, five months and three consecutive days. Although breaks were often taken, legend has it that it was actually played on a 24-hour basis, with occasional breaks and sleep.

Casino Gambling


The world’s biggest roulette loser

1980 introduced us to Robert Maxwell, who was a controversial and a notorious figure. He was popular for being the biggest roulette loser in the world. The game was happening at the Les Ambassadeur Club in Mayfair and it is said that he lost 1.5 million pounds in less than three minutes as he was playing at three different roulette tables simultaneously. However, since he was multi-millionaire businessman, he could cover the losses in the blink of an eye.

Sold everything to bet on a roulette spin

This took place in a UK Reality show in  2004. The show was called Double or Nothing, where  a multi-millionaire called Ashley Revell risked everything for that one roulette spin. His raise of 135,500 pounds (ca. 61 t) was at stake. He wager the entire amount on the roulette wherein the Plaza Hotel, wagering on red. The ball stuck on the never seven in red, and he went home with a whopping 270,600 pounds. It was one of the most historic moments of the television and media.

Poker can be considered as a second career

Poker can be considered as a second career

What do you think the sports persons do when they are at the retirement or the end of their career? They generally indulge in these gambling games and win lump sum amounts of money with their skills and sometimes their luck. Poker is one of the popular lucrative career options in the respect.

Casinos were originated in Italy

The extravagant lights, and the other attractive featured buildings were originated in Italy. They were originated from various other names like the summer houses and other club house. But their original inspiration for the name originated from the word, “casa”, which means house.

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