An Analysis of the Different Types of Gamification at Casinos

Gamification is on the rise in the online casinos and for those of you that are not aware of the gamification procedure, or even heard the word, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the analysis of the different types of gamification at casinos.

What exactly is gamification?

It is process which uses video gaming elements in gambling or non-video gaming platforms. This addition of new extended video-gaming like features has set a trend in the online casino industry that has not only gained traction from gamblers endgames, but has also attracted new customers.

It is no-brainer that the introduction of cutting-edge technologies over the past few years has set the bar high for changing trends in the gambling and the gaming industries. The introduction of these technologies has changed the demographics of online gambling or gaming. For example, the introduction of First person shooter games and the online slots turning into mobile slots.

Gamification at Casinos

Variations in the types of gamification

Like mentioned earlier, gamification plays an important role the design and improvement of the online casino games. This trend has especially increased in the recent years. While it definitely enhances the gameplay of the websites and adds accouterments to the games, it is also imperative not to lose the prime focus of the game. Hence, most online gambling or gaming websites are focusing on implementing just one or two of these elements, to maintain the simplicity of the games, and also enhance it by a tad bit.

  • Accomplishments based on missions

Mission based accomplishments are reminiscent to the first player shooter games played on mobile phones or smart phones. There are variations in these types of games include games with a start and end point, adventure type games and character complete quests. Adding these extra features to the online casino platform has enhanced the dimension of the gameplay.

  • Leaderbords

They’re other wider accomplishments in the online gambling/gaming platform, especially in the shooter and other multiplayer games. Leader boards are interesting addition to the online games , especially for the online casinos that fit like a perfect assortment since the competition of gambling is extremely high. They’re simple in structure and everyone can understand it easily. Hence, it enhances the players’ traction during the game.


  • Loyalty Points

They’re the player points that have been around for ages in the online casinos. They’re also popularly called the reward points, that are majority developed to make the players stick round the game for a longer period of time. However, not all online casinos comprise of loyalty point and some give out currencies called Ikibu that are deposited but the players’ bank account.

  • Social media

Social media is a great platform to use for online gambling and gaming. Players can also share their progress and progress reports in the online platforms that gives them an extra boost of exposure.

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