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6 Card Games Everyone Should Know

Card Games

Whether you’re a seasoned casino Gamble or you just want to kill your boredom, card games are the go-to options during such times. Luck-based games are definitely entertaining, but it gets extremely frustrating after you start to lose.

Hence, card based games are the best bet to choose if you want to have some entertainment as well as use your gain experience at the same time. In this article, we’re going to discuss 6 such card games that everyone should play in 2020.

Crazy eight

It is a unique and a simple game that is the perfect entertainment for a family outing, or even to teach your kinds, without the so-called “sin” of gambling card games. The main objective of the game is to finish or get rid of the cards in your hand. The person, who manages to do this first, wins the game, followed by the next one.

Snip, Snip, Snorem

Snip, Snip, Snorem

The game is as weird and as funny as the name. If you love this name, then you will probably love the game too. It is one of those card games that brings joy and entertainment to the group when played at an event or a party. Beware because it is also pretty loud too.


It is like those first card games that we’ve played as kids and probably is the first card game majority might have indulges in. Hence, it is time to re-live those moments and play them again, but wit better strategy and fun. The game of course allows a simple concept of getting pair of cards. The first person who manages to get rid of the pair of cards wins the game.

Spit It

It is also sometimes called as speed. If you’re bored with the childish games and are looking for some fun and challenge, then this is the right game for you. You will have 5 sets of cards. One with one, then the second with two, third with three and so on until you have five cards in a pack. The top card is always faced up. You have to pick up have a deck and match it with the other cards in the deck. The person who manages to empty their pile first, wins the game.



It is one of the most popular card games in the modern era, mainly because it follows a simple gameplay and is also suitable for the elder. It follows simple rule of getting rid of all the cards in the deck. You will start with 7 cards in the beginning and will work your way from King as a float to ace. Make at least three sets of cards and order a win for yourself.


Yet another simple game with a funny name, that follows the same strategy as the rummy, but instead of a deck of three cards, you’re looking for four of a kind. It is both fun and challenging and gets everyone hooked to their seats.

An Analysis of the Different Types of Gamification at Casinos


Gamification is on the rise in the online casinos and for those of you that are not aware of the gamification procedure, or even heard the word, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the analysis of the different types of gamification at casinos.

What exactly is gamification?

It is process which uses video gaming elements in gambling or non-video gaming platforms. This addition of new extended video-gaming like features has set a trend in the online casino industry that has not only gained traction from gamblers endgames, but has also attracted new customers.

It is no-brainer that the introduction of cutting-edge technologies over the past few years has set the bar high for changing trends in the gambling and the gaming industries. The introduction of these technologies has changed the demographics of online gambling or gaming. For example, the introduction of First person shooter games and the online slots turning into mobile slots.

Gamification at Casinos

Variations in the types of gamification

Like mentioned earlier, gamification plays an important role the design and improvement of the online casino games. This trend has especially increased in the recent years. While it definitely enhances the gameplay of the websites and adds accouterments to the games, it is also imperative not to lose the prime focus of the game. Hence, most online gambling or gaming websites are focusing on implementing just one or two of these elements, to maintain the simplicity of the games, and also enhance it by a tad bit.

  • Accomplishments based on missions

Mission based accomplishments are reminiscent to the first player shooter games played on mobile phones or smart phones. There are variations in these types of games include games with a start and end point, adventure type games and character complete quests. Adding these extra features to the online casino platform has enhanced the dimension of the gameplay.

  • Leaderbords

They’re other wider accomplishments in the online gambling/gaming platform, especially in the shooter and other multiplayer games. Leader boards are interesting addition to the online games , especially for the online casinos that fit like a perfect assortment since the competition of gambling is extremely high. They’re simple in structure and everyone can understand it easily. Hence, it enhances the players’ traction during the game.


  • Loyalty Points

They’re the player points that have been around for ages in the online casinos. They’re also popularly called the reward points, that are majority developed to make the players stick round the game for a longer period of time. However, not all online casinos comprise of loyalty point and some give out currencies called Ikibu that are deposited but the players’ bank account.

  • Social media

Social media is a great platform to use for online gambling and gaming. Players can also share their progress and progress reports in the online platforms that gives them an extra boost of exposure.

Five Interesting Facts about Casino Gambling


If you’re reading this article, then you’re one of those casino loves who want to find out more about the activity you love, or you’re a fan of the online casinos, that has landed you on our page.

Whatever the case maybe, you’re in the right stop because we’re going to discuss the five intersecting facts about casino gambling, you probably might not have heard before. Let’s dig in!

The longest poker game was played for over 8 years

All of us know that, to ace the game of poker, the right amount of skill, and luck is essential. Adding to these skills and aspects, endurance and patience so play equally important role in winning at the poker table. In the modern world, a poker match or tournament can last for a couple of hours, days or even a month.

However, this is nothing compared to the world poker endurance record that lasted straight for over eight years. This took place in the year 1881 at the Arizona theater basement where the tournament lasted exactly eight years, five months and three consecutive days. Although breaks were often taken, legend has it that it was actually played on a 24-hour basis, with occasional breaks and sleep.

Casino Gambling


The world’s biggest roulette loser

1980 introduced us to Robert Maxwell, who was a controversial and a notorious figure. He was popular for being the biggest roulette loser in the world. The game was happening at the Les Ambassadeur Club in Mayfair and it is said that he lost 1.5 million pounds in less than three minutes as he was playing at three different roulette tables simultaneously. However, since he was multi-millionaire businessman, he could cover the losses in the blink of an eye.

Sold everything to bet on a roulette spin

This took place in a UK Reality show in  2004. The show was called Double or Nothing, where  a multi-millionaire called Ashley Revell risked everything for that one roulette spin. His raise of 135,500 pounds (ca. 61 t) was at stake. He wager the entire amount on the roulette wherein the Plaza Hotel, wagering on red. The ball stuck on the never seven in red, and he went home with a whopping 270,600 pounds. It was one of the most historic moments of the television and media.

Poker can be considered as a second career

Poker can be considered as a second career

What do you think the sports persons do when they are at the retirement or the end of their career? They generally indulge in these gambling games and win lump sum amounts of money with their skills and sometimes their luck. Poker is one of the popular lucrative career options in the respect.

Casinos were originated in Italy

The extravagant lights, and the other attractive featured buildings were originated in Italy. They were originated from various other names like the summer houses and other club house. But their original inspiration for the name originated from the word, “casa”, which means house.

The Beginner’s Guide to Casino Gambling


Gambling in a casino is on the bucket list for some, while for the others it is just a fun activity that people tend to indulge in, on a regular basis. Whatever the case maybe, this article is for those newbie’s that are struggling to find their way around a casino, or just turned 21 and can’t wait for set your right foot inside the casino floor.

Before you start…

You might be mesmerized by looking at all the extravagant lights, the sound effects and people enjoying around you. Most of the times, the environment gets to you and you end up spilling more cash than you should.

If you’re one among those people, then follow this article to beware of such tactics.

  • House advantage: A popular saying goes ‘the house always wins’. This is absolutely true because the games created and designed by these casino houses are such that it need lets the players win in the long run. Unlike the players, they do not need luck to make money, they need players, especially newbie’s like you.
  • Set aside the money: Unless you have a game plan ready with you, you will end up losing all your money and turn bankrupt even before you know. Hence, it is important to set aside a fixed amount that you’re willing to lose and do not spend an extra penny, no matter what the circumstances are.
  • Don’t fall prey to hot streaks: Sometimes, you end up being the victim of beginners luck. This is not a bad thing, but can turn against you if you consider it to be a good thing. You might end up winning the first, second or even the third round. That’s your cue to stop and take the money home. This is because this hot streak or winning streak never lasts and at the end of the day, you end up losing more than you make.

Pick the right games

Pick the right games

It is often intimidating because the choice of the base of games the casinos offer is extraordinary. Slots, table games, and other machine games catch anyone’s eye and pushes them to play them endlessly. However, that is one of the worst decisions you could make. Something called house edge will drain all your money to these attractive games and gaming features. Hence, it is imperative to choose the games that offer the lowest house edge on the casino floor.

Even though you don’t have as much fun as the luck-based games, you at least won’t be disappointed losing a lot of money

Follow the etiquette

Not all casinos around the world want you to dress up a certain way, but this does not mean you wake up and go knock the doors in your pajamas. Basic etiquette like the dress style for men and women, tipping etiquettes etc must be followed diligently in order to maintain the decorum of the place.

Know when to stop

As much as the game selection is important, it is also important to know when to stop playing — as in when you start to lose or go bankrupt.

The Convergence of Gaming and Gambling


Even though the two words are completely different and have a different meaning, they are used interchangeably by the people who are not associated with the gambling or the gaming industries.

Gambling is basically related to wagering money or any important item, in the aim of making more of it, but with an uncertain outcome. It consists of three parts:

  • Consideration
  • Risk
  • Prize

Gaming, on the other hand, refers to the expression of a play in a game. From console, to mobile games and everything in between, everything falls under one umbrella of the word.

Gambling v/s gaming

Gambling is an act of entertainment that has been around since ages, but is often associated with vice and sin. However, the AGA, changed the perception of the society towards gambling, to an entertainment and a fun activity, that can win us money if were either skilled, lucky or both.

Soon the gambling industry saw the light of the day and grew worldwide popularity. Over the years, the strict use of the word gambling has slowly shifted interchangeably towards gaming. Since huge revenues were generated from the gambling sector, the gaming industry played along without an interruption.

The creation of video games began as early as the 1950s when the world was facing towards the use of mobile phones, even before the invention of smart phones. The world of gaming started gaining traction and popularity after the introduction of console and smart phone games like ticktock toe, grand auto theft, etc. Since there exists a thin line between gambling and gaming, people often then to confuse between the two genres and mix the e-sports, gambling and the gaming world.

Convergence of gambling and gaming

Convergence of gambling and gaming

The introduction of cutting edge technologies and their use in the casino, gambling and the gaming industry arises confusion between the terms. The gambling and the gaming activities have also reorganized themselves by sharing features and technologies. The drastic shift of the gambling games as well as the console games to the mobile platforms have also led to a term called digital convergence, where every gamble aspect be met or converged on the same digital platform.

However, the structural boundaries between the two have raised a cause of concern for the countries and the States that especially has banned gambling from their genre of entertainment. A report submitted by Morgan Stanley emphasizes on five different types of convergences in the gambling and gaming field. They are:

  • The introduction of the gambling like elements in the games introduced and played on the social media.
  • The use of gambling features in the online gaming sites, that includes console games as well
  • Introduction of gamification in the non-gambling games that have drastically impacted the way the games are played and their sole purpose
  • The introduction of similar games in both the online gambling and gaming platforms that has led to a massive confusion between the two.

Cross marketing of gambling was well as gaming on one platform.

Casino Games You Should Never Indulge In


A night at your favourite casino can be an elegant yet amusing way to luxuriate. At the same time, the other probability you cannot discard is that it can be one where you splurge all your money.

A seasoned gambler will have a crystal-clear understanding of casino games, while a novice can be intimidated by specific elements of the casino, which can be enkindled by their lack of awareness about the nitty-gritty of casino and the games employed.

If you are merely there for the beers and skittles, just rave in the effervescence; however, if it is to sharpen your mastery, you should know which games to avoid.



The primary reason why you should avoid exhausting your time and energy on this game is that your odds of winning are exceedingly low. And if the house is not packed, you cannot ensure that a winner will emerge.

You have zilch control over the outcome because bingo is all about that amorous kiss by Lady Luck and has nothing to do with your mastery. You primarily visit a casino to revel in the excitement, but bingo misses that spark.


In concept, it is in midway between bingo and lottery. It involves you to pick your numbers, anticipate the winning digits to be announced, just wishing Lady Luck will be beside you. Therefore, it has low odds of winning and lacks that snazzy element with the house edge being notoriously colossal.

American Roulette

American Roulette

This game is also termed as Double Zero Roulette because of the two zero digits on the roulette wheel. The house edge is low for European Roulette, with single zero wheels, in contrast to the American roulette.

The issue here is that the house wins bets on zeros; therefore, two zero spaces means the house’s odds double. Therefore, strictly stick to the European variant.

Esports Betting

US sports gambling is a complex arena for a novice. So, if you are a newbie, don’t wound your wallet with it. It can be amusing when placing one or two simple flutters while watching a game at the casino bar. But the online platforms are to be scrutinized though, in theory, it is similar to regular sports gambling.

However, in actuality, it is a risky way. The familiarity still rests with traditional sports than these competitive gaming platforms. Before you indulge in it, you need to fill that dearth with adequate knowledge about this field.



Shooting craps is an iconic casino mainstay. But the reason why it surfaces in this list is, this isn’t a cakewalk but a complicated and intense process. There is a melange of bets which in itself needs a thorough study.

For a novice, the craps table itself can be intimidating with all the intricacies. Despite the game being a social one, the crowd is not as welcoming if you are a newbie. Before you strike a pose of Sky Masterson, be sure to delve into the Byzantine details.


The Best Gambling Games that You Can Play At Home to Make the Most of Your Time


One of the best ways to while away your time is by indulging in some fun games that can be played at home. And if these games come with the chance to make money, then there is nothing like it. You can indulge in these games with friends and families and make the most of your time with them. They are a great way to bond over some fun and entertainment galore. For the ones who are not sure about the games that they can play at home, here is a list for you to take your pick.

The Classic Poker Night:

Poker is a classic game that is always known to increase the fun quotient of any party or gathering. The basic rules of playing poker are pretty simple, which is what makes it a very popular choice to go for. You can always play poker night at home, which is just another variation of poker. Here, the stakes are pretty low, and that is why you have nothing to be much worried about. It is best to play on a weekend night and have fun with your friends and family.


High Low:

The second game that we must include in this list is that of High Low. The game is simple and is very similar to that of blackjack. You could raise or lower the stakes according to your taste for risks. The game is played with four players. The dealer places two cards with their faces up on the table, and the one who’s card falls in between these two cards wins the bet. Playing this game is really that simple and requires no extra effort or calculation.


The next game that we have included in the list is that of Euchre. This is also a simple yet innovative game that you can play at home and have fun with your family and friends. Now, the game might be something that can be classified into gambling, but it is played for money, nevertheless. The players are split into two teams, and each team consists of four players. The game is trump based and is extremely easy to learn and execute.



The games that we have included in this list are the most popular gambling games that people usually love playing in their homes. These games are completely safe and do not involve the risk of losing a significant amount of money. You can raise the stakes or lower them as well, to your liking and play them with many other people to increase the fun quotient. Therefore, take your pick and play the games that you feel can bust your stress and help you lay your hair down for a bit.

The Complete Guide to Playing Blackjack


If you’re serious about the business and you want to make use of the best strategies ever in the blackjack game, you got to read this up. Strategies employed and advised are aimed at recreational players and not the card counter type guy.

Blackjack remains a game that offers rewarding odds to those who understand simple rules.

Currency, cards, and cocktail all these comprise the cool sport of blackjack. From ‘Vegas vacation’ to ‘Rain Man’ blackjack still remains a glamorous casino game that features in Hollywood.

If you’re on the newbie side of casinos or a veteran in need of a change of games, you better opt for this one. Here are some strategies you would want to work out with.

Hit me

The worst hands you will get are 12 through 17. This is because, no matter what the dealer’s upcard is, you stand to lose more hands than you would win in the long run. So, what about dealing with these 12 through 17 cards when you are faced with?

The best thing of the lot is to follow the basic strategy of blackjack than expecting some divine interruption in this regard. Therefore, going by the basic strategy is the key to losing less money in the long run.

Stand when it demands

Stand when it demands

The term standing means that you don’t need any more cards. This usually happens when you hit a 17 or higher or lower, ultimately depending on the dealer’s cards. A simple wave of the hand would get through, where it is implied a ‘no’ and the dealer moves on to the next player.

Soft 17

If you possess a soft 17, it means you have an ace and 6. Since the value of the ace is 1 or 11, this hand can be either 7 or 17. The player is not hurt by taking a hit. Croupiers must draw till they reach 17, and staying on all 17s acts as a favour for the player.

Splitting Hands

Pair splitting rules are uncomplicated, and this enables the player to split two separate hands when provided with two cards of the same value. Pair splitting is activated by laying another equal bet adjacent to the original bet on the table.

It would be best if you also remembered to play the first hand before you proceed to the second.

Double Down

Double Down

The option of double down confers you the choice to double the amount of your original bet. Instead, you receive a single drawcard. This can be termed player-friendly when the doubling rules permit you to double down on any two cards.

The two factors determining whether you should indulge in double down are the total cards in your hand and the croupier’s upcard. Players are conferred the luxury of doubling their bets on particular hands for extra score. However, it is essential to strategize when you are planning on doubling down.


The Relationship between Gamification and Casinos


If you have had to deal with a toddler, you probably had to get your hands dirty simply because they would not listen. This has ushered many frustrated parents to find refuge in bribery by promising them their favourite candy; however, the trusted and tried way of coaxing them is to engage them in a game that boosts stimulation and motivation.

The truth is that not only are toddlers captivated by games; instead, it has been an inevitable part of everyone’s life, which has perforated into every stage of life; your age does not matter anymore.

The snowballing of the online gaming industry with immersive and stimulating content has realised the potential this burgeoning industry holds. This ingenious effortless technique is termed gamification, with the term coined in 2010. These innovative game techniques have crept into online casinos engendering the gamification of slots and other casino games.

Gamification and Casinos

What is Gamification?

Gamification of a casino means the presence of an overarching narrative in your gaming experience. This experience might differ from being an explorer unearthing hidden treasure, rescuing a princess, or venturing into the outer space.

You might have undergone this experience at an online slot; however, with the accolades showered on the online gaming and gambling industry, these lines between the two seem hazy.

This process hits the pleasure centre resulting in dopamine release, thereby furnishing gameplay that is thrilling and lucrative. The various gamification techniques deployed by casinos include leader boards, loyalty points, goals, adventures, and missions.

These blends, when merged with sophisticated game design, ushers a riveting experience where the gambler is engrossed. This has enkindled un-gamified casinos to remnants of the past.

Gamified Slots

The contemporary slots have traversed a long way from their traditional counterparts, with the zest of that adrenaline rush making your wait all the more exciting. If you have a penchant for interactive gameplay, this new wave of the authentic gaming experience is a reason for celebration.

This has caused slot developers to utilise techniques like visual rewards. For instance, a coin shower followed by jazzy music when a player has actualised their fancy of winning the jackpot; levelling up that includes various levels and items to gather; mascots and avatars; finally, mini-games the most revolutionary idea that confers a divergent gaming experience within the slot, like spin the wheel or pick me bonus features.


The Way Ahead

The amalgamation of ideas in both these industries is a revolutionary one that will engender augmented gamification of casinos in the future. With the snowballing of VR, a virtual trip through themed casinos has materialized – transcending their magical spell on another tangent.

With the blend of classic narrative furnished at online slots coupled with that adrenaline rush as you chase down the bad guys drifting through a virtual wild west saloon can bestow a lifetime experience.


Your One-Stop Guide to Appropriate Casino Behavior


Behaving well and in the most civil ways is as important as your ambition to win big at the games. Casinos are establishments where people from all walks of life come and share in the fun. It is a place where you can socialize and make crucial contacts if you have the right kind of attitude. It is not only a place to drink, have fun and lay your cards to win big. And that is why it is essential that you are always on the best of your behavior while you are within the confines of the establishment. From following proper dress code to maintaining the decorum- it is crucial that you discipline yourself when inside the casino. Speaking of which, we have a guide for you if you are wondering how to behave while you are inside the casino.

Mobile Phone

Do Not Sneak Your Mobile Phones or Electronic Devices if they are Not Allowed:

It is rude to carry your mobile phones and other electronic devices if the casino specifically prohibits you from doing so. Casinos prohibit electronic devices on the floors due to security reasons. And it is unethical and might also be punishable if you carry your phones and other devices inside the casino. You shall be violating the norm, and this might not go down well.

Do Not Engage in Brawls:

Casinos are places that have been witnesses to brawls and heated arguments. These skirmishes are nothing great to be a part of. Do not start a fight and refrain from engaging in one if you happen to see it brewing within or around the establishments. It shall not reflect in the right way on your reputation, and you might even be blacklisted and prohibited from entering the casino the next time.

Do Not Drink

Do Not Drink Uncontrollably:

Always drink in moderation. There is no harm in consuming alcohol, but make sure not to lose control of yourself. Drinking excessively might lead you to start or engage in fights. It might also impair your judgments and make it difficult for you to plan the right moves in the game. Plus, you might also end up spilling drinks all over the place which is not appreciated. Refrain from drinking much and do not display a boorish attitude. Take control of the situation and your own behavior to make the most out of your gambling experience.

Wrapping Up:

Casinos are places where you are supposed to have fun. And the best way to have fun is by being at the best of your behavior. It takes nothing to stay calm and civil. All you need to do is be restrained and controlled while playing, and contribute towards creating a situation where you and the other players are safe.

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